The $5 Dinners 2nd Birthday Bash plus some Changes Coming Up Next Week…

So I really can’t believe that I’ve been at this for 2 years now!  I pinch myself everyday and am so grateful for the many opportunities and experiences that have come my way because of the website!!!

This year, we’re having a birthday bash!  Last year I had an anniversary, but as I thought about it…I decided that a birthday celebration was in order!  So birthday bash it will be…

(Plus, there will be cakes.)

There will be several giveaways next week, along with the regular content.

Next Sunday (or maybe next Monday), I’ll post the biggest and best birthday present giveaway of all. This present is for one of you, by the way!







(I promise.)

I’ll also be introducing you to the new contributing writers on $5 Dinners. So, please give them a warm welcome when you see them around!!!

At the end of the week, the new site design revealed. Along with some new subscription options that I will share soon.

I can hardly wait!!!

Photo Credit: Jake’s Creations


  1. schroeder says

    Wow … congrats Erin …

    Ive enjoyed your site for over a year now … I enjoy visiting.

    BTW – when is that baby Tyler (if I am wrong – oops!) going to start crawling or did I miss the annoucement ?


  2. Irene D. says

    Been a fan for about 6 months. Love everything, especially the gardening. It’s inspirational. By the way, when do you sleep?

    • says

      @Irene D.,

      I think sleep is overrated. (I’m kidding!)

      I sleep at night. (I’m kidding again!)

      The truth: I am hyper-efficient when it comes to managing everything. I have behind the scenes helpers, who you will meet soon. And I sleep 7-8 hours every night. But it’s usually interrupted at least once by at least one of the boys!

  3. says

    I have adored your recipes for two years!!! Wow that went fast. I have been following you for that long, but I never really posted comments. Well, I want you to know that you are a true talent. You inspire me to create healthy frugal meals for my family 7 days a week. Thank you.

  4. LisaE says

    Congrats on a job exceptionally well done!! Thanks to you I have been inspired to really look at my grocery budget and KNOW I can make great meals on a much smaller budget.

    Your meal ideas, menu’s, printable weekly planning…..your cookbook…everything you have shown is such an inspiriation.

    I hope you have many more years of success no matter what you are doing.

  5. karen says

    wow had no idea the site had been around for two years! I only found out about this last year, keep up the good work! I will be sure to get the new cook book, hubby loves the texas chili. yum! :)

  6. says

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’m excited to see all the changes and updates! August must be a good month to start blogs because I’m celebrating my blog’s first “birthday” this month. :)

    I think I randomly stumbled across your blog shortly after it started (somebody posted a link on a Boston Mom’s message board) and have been reading ever since. And thanks to your coupon-encouragement, I have slashed $30-40 off our weekly grocery bill. Thanks!

  7. NancyD says

    Congratulations on 2 years! What a great accomplishment. I love the way you just “talk” on your blog. I feel like I know you…someone I would choose to hang around. And I do every night when I get great ideas from your nightly e-mail. :)

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