The $5 Dinner Challenge EVENT

That’s right.

“A buffet of $5 Dinners”…

The $5 Dinner Challenge has become an EVENT!!!

Dawn from Arlington, TX wrote and shared the following,

We had a great time, all the dishes were delicious, and of course, they were all under $5! Seven of us learned that with some minor adjustments, we could adapt some of our favorite recipes to be much more economical. For instance, I used bouillon instead of canned broth and saved $3.

The delicious dishes included a bacon wrapped summer sausage in brown sugar syrup appetizer, goulash, chicken stir fry, Mexican rice casserole, curried lentil stew, cornbread casserole, and chicken and sausage ragout with garlic bread. We also had some scrumptious leftover chocolate cake, cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We had such fun we’ll probably repeat it again in a few months – maybe about the time when we all have to pinch our pennies to pay our taxes!

Feel free to check out all the details and photos from the Arlington $5 Dinner Challenge Event!

Dawn, Thanks for not only doing this, but for sharing it, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same!

The Challenge this month…have an “event” and help others learn to save more!!!


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