$5 Dinner Challenge Coming Soon

It’s finally here…….The $5 Dinner Challenge!

Your mission…if you choose to accept it…is to challenge yourself to make a wholesome, balanced meal for $??? or less!

Why the ???…Well, $5 works for me and my family. Perhaps your family is smaller…or larger…or you live in a region of the country that has much higher prices than the middle of the Midwest where I live. I’d venture to say that prices in the middle of NYC or SF are much higher than those that I see in my grocery store. I’d also venture to say that it does indeed cost more to feed a family of 8! Or even 6! Especially if teenage boys are involved :)

The goal is to set a dollar amount for yourself based on your family size and grocery prices in your region that will CHALLENGE you to make meals for less than that amount! Every one is feeling the pinch on the budget these days. Staying in one night a week and doing the $5 Dinner Challenge will save you hundreds of $$$ over the course of a year! Start with this simple way to save :)

I can’t wait to read all the inexpensive dinner recipes that you all come up with!

For a complete listing of the guidelines, click here!

It’s YOUR turn to make frugal and nutritious meals! Starting next week, every Monday night I will post a Mr. Linky for you to link up your favorite frugal dinner meal from the week.


  1. cooking like a frugalite says

    Oh, Wow! I’m super-excited! What a great challenge. Off to think about it more. Oh, and I’d love to win the cookbook; I “heart” cookbooks! Thanks!!!Jennifer, momofknt at yahoo dot com

  2. Danielsen5 says

    I would love to win the cook book, I need all the help I can get! We are a family of six, with a teenage boy – LOL Your challange scares the be-jeepers out of me! I want to do better, need to do better, but when I get to the check out line . . . you get the idea. Help!

    Blessings, Beth Ann

  3. emilyrena says

    I would love to win the book! I can’t wait to try the challenge. It’s just me and the boyfriend now, so that will help!

  4. Alli says

    I would love to win this!! I am the meal planner and shopper in the family and I can use all the help that I can get. That’s part of why I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks!

  5. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Oh wow this is a nice gift, i would love this book. We live on a tight budget my dh works for the state so we get paid once a month on the 1st of every month. we do our big grocery shop that first week, planned according to our monthly dinner menu for 30 meals. We have to do it that way so i need to get everything in order. This books sounds so helpful.

  6. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Oh wow this is a nice gift, i would love this book. We live on a tight budget my dh works for the state so we get paid once a month on the 1st of every month. we do our big grocery shop that first week, planned according to our monthly dinner menu for 30 meals. We have to do it that way so i need to get everything in order. This books sounds so helpful.

  7. Sarah Lenhart says

    I would like to be entered to win the cookbook. I’m always looking for new recipes that are on the cheaper side so this book sounds perfect!


  8. Michelle says

    The e-book sounds wonderful. I would love to win it. Thank you for introducing me to the Baby Get Green blog. I’ve bookmarked it and will be back daily.

    the five harts at yahoo dot com

  9. marisa says

    I would love to get my hands on this e-book! Feeding a family of 7 which includes 2 very picky eaters, has really been financially harder these days. I can’t wait to do this challenge and see what I can do for my family! Thanks!

  10. Jenny says

    I have been suggesting your site to friends of mine for weeks now and this is making me delurk! I’d love to win a copy of the book. My blog is at http://somewhereknitting.blogspot.com and email at jennifervarady at hotmail dot com. Thanks for all the effort you’re putting into your blog, it benefits so many!

  11. Danielsen5 says

    How do you figure your budget? I figured dinner, lunch and breakfast. What about paper/toiletries and special items/sale – holiday/gift items?

    Also, do you have a book you keep track of the price of staples? I was thinking of a notebook or binder with sections, like baking, meat, veggie, ect. Then the price and the price per serving. Something like that? Seems a tad overwhelming. We shop every two weeks, but always need something inbetween. How do you handle that?

    Sorry so many questions.
    Blessings, Beth Ann

  12. Garth and Becky says

    The challenge sounds like fun and I’m so ready to give it a try. The ebook sounds like an awesome help, too!

  13. Jessica says

    Being a youth pastor’s wife, I’m always looking for ways to save some dough. Thanks for the contest, I would really enjoy a book like this!!

  14. Zegi says

    Oh this book would be so helpful. I have cut back a lot on grocery cost but I am still struggling to figure out how to pare down the cost of a single meal! Enter me, please! :) kkoszegi at neo dot rr dot com.

  15. lafondsi says

    I would love to win this book. I just found your blog recently and love it already! Thanks so much for all the great ideas.

  16. Heidi says

    How fun! I’ve just recently started tracking how much $$ it takes to feed my family.
    That sounds like a great cookbook! I’d love to win a copy!

  17. Mel says

    Can’t wait to join in the challenge. Sounds like a lot of fun! I am always looking for new recipes. We get bored eating the same thing all the time!

  18. Summer says

    I would love a copy of “a month of meals” I struggle with meal planning and I would love a little extra help!

  19. Lora says

    I’d love to win the cookbook! With two children under the age of two, I have a very hard time coming up with satisfying meals that don’t take too long or break the budget! I’m going to take your challenge, too!


  20. Christine says

    Great challenge!! I’m excited to see what our family can do to save more money on our meals. The book sounds great too. Thanks!

  21. Lyn says

    This sounds like a great resource! Not only are we on a tight budget, but with health issues I am trying to cook healthy while not spending a ton of time in the kitchen. Thank you for offering this.

  22. Lori says

    Thanks for the challenge. I am going to start keeping track of my cost per meal. We have gluten, egg, milk/casien, some soy and carbs in general, issues. It sounds impossible, but with a family of 7 to feed, all adult size, it isn’t as impossible as it sounds. I would like to be entered for the ebook! Yeah!!

  23. road2healthy says

    Great Challenge! Thanks! Your blog has encouraged me to stick with my budget and plan ahead! Not to mention, keep my dinner’s as close to $5.00 as possible.. hard with two growing boys! I am so up for your challenge this month! I would like to be entered for the book.

  24. Chele says

    Sounds like a great eBook. I actually had a chance to recommend your website to two families I came in contact with this weekend. They were looking to cut down on their food budget, and still be healthy. I love your site!

  25. Jean says

    I would love that ebook! I am always looking for good, inexpensive meals that don’t come out of a box and are healthy!

  26. Martha says

    Of course I’d love to win! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the challenge. I love a good challenge, will play along when I can :-)

  27. Carey says

    I’m so excited that you’re going to host a frugal meal idea Mr. Linky! I will definitely add that to my blog schedule and join in!

    I, too, live on a very strict grocery budget. I am an avid coupon shopper, but don’t tend to use many coupons on groceries, since I like to use fresh ingredients as much as possible. This ebook sounds like it would have a ton of good ideas for me. I’d love to win!

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