3in30 – Making Goals Reality. Three at a Time.

3in30 Challenge

Making Goals Reality.

Three At a Time.

Simple enough. Actually…it really is.

I wanted to highlight one of this month’s advertising partners and encourage you to take 5 minutes, write down 3 goals for this month and then join in the conversation.  Find others with similar goals, be encouraged, be inspired, and be held accountable.

Accountability is crucial to setting, meeting and exceeding goals, and Ashley’s 3in30 community will hold you accountable…if you are willing to stick your neck out there and be held accountable.

So this is me, sticking my neck out.

  1. Finish recipe testing/tweaking. Finish typing them all into the manuscript. Finish recipe edits.
  2. No white flour or white sugar for 30 days. (Ack. Yes. I just made that a goal. Ack!!!!!!!!)
  3. Exercise at least 3 times per week…running, weights or walking with kids in stroller.

Ask me at the end of the month if I met these goals. Chances are I will…because there are others counting on me to meet these goals too!  The flour-sugar goal makes me nervous, but I have thousands of you to report back to…and I will be brutally honest about whether I succeed or fail!

Go visit 3in30, join the Twitter conversation, or the Facebook group.

And get to achieving those goals today!


  1. says

    LOVE your goals….espeically your second one. We made that transition last summer…let me know if you want tips or at least want to know how we did it!

  2. Lori says

    I’ve just finished 30 days no grains, sugar , dairy. I stuck with it, I’d guess 98%. Blueberry cobbler at friends house for dinner with truly small bit of topping, cream in my coffee 3-4 days before my husband realised that was dairy :)…. The greatest benefit I found was simply breaking bad habits. I believe the no dairy made such a difference in my complexion that THREE friends commented. Without knowing about the 30 days. Really makes me think twice about my cheese habit.

    As my “mentor” said: beating cancer is hard, kicking heroin is hard, not eating pastries for 30 days isn’t

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