2014 Goals & Plans for $5 Dinners {Plus My “Word of the Year”}

Clean slate.

Blank calendar.

Fresh outlook.

Wishes. Hopes. Desires. Dreams. Become…. Goals. Resolutions. Plans.

This year, something is different. I’m not sure if it’s that my last baby is not really a baby anymore. He turns one in 2 weeks. (He was just born y’all.) He walks, practically runs, everywhere. He (kinda) loves our new dog.

Or maybe it’s that my older two kids are acting like little adults all of a sudden. They say the most mature things. (And immature still too…bodily functions still cause quite the giggle fest.) They are spontaneously helping out around the house, ask deep and meaningful questions, and are showing quite the canny entrepreneurial sense about our family’s new venture. (See below.)

Or maybe it’s that I’m a mother of 5 boys, 4 human and 1 furry.

Or maybe it’s that I’m rushing through life, and desperately wanting to slow it all down.

Whatever it is…it’s changing me, and shaping me…into a better wife, a better mother and a better businesswoman. It’s spurring growth, it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone, and it’s pushing me further than I care to be pushed…so I’ll respond with these goals & these plans.

2014 Goals

Slow Down. 

So maybe it’s the fourth child thing, or the having a baby thing, or the working more thing, but life has felt very out of balance this past year. (Before you go all “cut yourself some slack” on me…you must know that I have a fabulous support network in place, including my fabulous assistant and two nannies (different days of the week)…

The out of balance part has been the spending on groceries and the very sporadic planning of meals.

So I pledge to slow things down a bit. Spend more time in the kitchen, baking and cooking…and making sure we have a balanced meal…rather than slopping some green beans on everyone’s plate, not remembering when the last green vegetable was served on our plates.

So I plan to slow down…and blog about what I plan. Which leads to…

Intentional Meal Planning.

This year, I’ll be sharing 2 recipes each week, along with our regular coupons, restaurant deals, grocery store deals and weekly meal plan e-magazines. In addition to that, on Wednesdays, I’ll be sharing what we plan to eat that week…based on what’s on sale in the grocery stores nearby and what we have in the pantry/freezer.

I plan on using the Favado App to help me figure out which store has what I need, or the best deals on meats, etc.

I plan to use the Chase Family Meal Plan board on Pinterest to keep track of all the recipes!


I really want $5 Dinners to reach and bless as many people as possible this year…and despite the change up in posting schedules and recipe posts, I have no doubt that this will be our biggest year yet.

I also want to grow as a mom, as a friend, and as a wife.

Exactly how this growth will occur is yet to be seen…but I imagine that slowing down long enough to feel the growth will be a true blessing to me and our family this year.

Write More. 

This year, my oldest son and I have set out to write 12 Blox Adventures books, or Minecraft books for kids. We have the first 2 books finished and published on Kindle, with the lofty goal of writing 20 this year. Ryan outlines the plot, tells me the story and I type it out for him. He’s 8, so him typing a short book would take a little too long. (But he is working through Mavis Beacon, so who knows by the end of the year, he might be on his own!)

I adore that I get to spend time with Ryan talking about these books, writing them with him and helping him understand what it means to have a product and run a business.

My “Word of the Year” 

I really wish I could pick 3, or 8. Maybe 12, one for each month.

But this year, my word will be REFRESH.

I’m not sure what that means exactly…but I want to focus on refreshing things (like the pool on a hot summer day, or a bite of Salted Caramel Mocha Fudge, or the sweet sleeping faces of my children), on refreshing myself, refreshing this website and refreshing you as well.

Refresh y’all. 

What are you doing with your clean slate? What word will you focus on this year?

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  1. Deidra F. says

    My word this year is FOWARD. Tired of looking back and feeling stuck in past mistakes. It’s time to move forward and this is the year.

  2. says

    I LOVE it! How exiting for your son to have his own little endeavor that you get to do with him! What a fantastic idea – both of you! :)

  3. says

    I so appreciate your web site. A friend posted on FB and I dont know how I havent seen it sooner. AMAZING, just AMAZING. I LOVE LOVE how your organize…. we are on the same wavelink.

    I have someting similar for myself to keep our family of 7 on a limited food budget but it gets so boring.

    I have dreamed of doing all the printable like you did but my home biz and homeschooling 5 kiddos keeps me just too busy these days.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    (oh, my kiddos will be looking over your sons books here shortly too – what a great idea)
    Great Job Mom. REFRESH.



  4. Gwen Sloas says

    My word this year is “contentment.” I am striving to be content where I am with those I am with and doing whatever we are doing, resisting the urge to be planning what I should or think I need to be doing next. Not wondering if I have what I think I need, know that He provides all I need as I need it. to be content….

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