Spicy 15 Bean Chili – Hurst Beans

spicy 15 bean chili 2

You know what I love about chili. Everything, really. The versatility. The simplicity. The "fill-icity." (How filling it is...and how it satisfies the bottomless pit bellies that sit around my dinner table every night.) The cost effect-icity. (Yay for making up new words!) See why I love it so much. So many needs met in just one bowl! This Spicy 15 Bean Chili … [Read more...]

Savings Nation – San Antonio, Atlanta, Orlando, Cincinnati Grocery Savings Workshops!


(If you want to be amazed, watch this!) That's right, I'm hitting the road this spring...coming to see YOU! Mark your calendars!!! It's time to spill my secret. For the past few months, I've been working closely with Savings.com to help launch their new consumer and financial health initiative, Savings Nation! I've asked for your input here and there, asked you to … [Read more...]

Weekly Household Planner, Clean Eating & All The Deals You Need!

Time to show our thanks to our February advertising partners! They make what I do possible...and now let's make what they do possible. SavingOnTheEssentials.com - Meg's got you covered on all things frugal and deals, as she sets out to equip families for a better financial future! Plenty of Thyme - Love reading Jess' encouraging, realistic and inspiring posts about the … [Read more...]