2012 Goals – Professional & Financial

And now, without delay, it’s time for the professional and financial goals…

Professional Goals

  1. 12 in ’12 series – a weekly or bimonthly series that will bring you the best of the best from around the web, and right here on $5 Dinners. (First post in the series: Spending Less!)
  2. Launch Food Allergies on a Budget website (launch details and giveways coming soon!)
  3. Work with company on community building and events (more on this soon too!)

Sounds like a little. Sounds like a lot. I haven’t decided yet!

And obviously I’m hoping to keep a simplified family and work schedule so that I can maintain balance (and sanity!)

Financial Goals

We have been out of consumer debt for a little over a year now. But what happens when you aren’t running in the red anymore.

You build up the black! My favorite part about this…the black builds faster than the red gets chipped!

The beauty of the “snowball.”

Since paying off our van in October 2010, all the income that was used to pay towards the debt was funneled directly into savings. There was no “spending party”…although it was tempting to get splurge to celebrate our success, after being so money-tight for so long!  We haven’t increased our “standard of living,” we continue to live well within our means. And we count our blessings each and every day. We were able to fully fund an emergency fund and have been able to boost our overall savings significantly in 2011.

We have followed the Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover steps up to this point…and we will now combine the next 2, before eventually (years from now!) knocking out the mortgage.

Here are the specifics for 2012 for us…

  1. Continue with cash only (or debit card for gas).
  2. Fully fund our retirement accounts/meet or exceed 15%income for retirement savings.
  3. College fund contributions on each child’s birthday. (We also have a  small monthly “direct deposit” set up for each child, but we like to do a larger sum on their birthdays.)
  4. Fully fund our “moving fund” before June. We have a number set that we’d like to reach for our move to Texas so that we can move debt free, buy a “new to us” car for my husband, cover the difference in down payments for a slightly larger home than we have now, current and future home updates, etc…

We have 3 “Savings Thermometers” printed out to keep us focused and accountable (print your “savings thermometer”, it’s are free!)…that we will fill in once a month. 1 for moving fund, and 1 for each of our IRAs.

Simple goals. I think!

Free Weekly Goals Sheet

If you are interested in putting your goals to work for you, I highly recommend getting them down on paper, reviewing them and working on them every week. After attending a Dave Ramsey Entreleadership seminar back in April, I developed this weekly goals sheet. It’s part goals, part to-do list. With sections on expected expenses for spending accountability, anticipated errands and Scripture memory/application.

This simple tool (there’s that word again!) has worked best for me…because it’s not too complicated. I don’t have to cross off how many glasses of water I’ve had that day, or if I did the laundry, or did the dishes, or read to the kids. I already do those things…every day. They are part of our daily routine. I don’t have the time or energy to worry about drinking enough this, or if I need to do the laundry. Do a load of dishes a day and a load of laundry a day (or every other depending on your family size)…you’ll never fall behind. And you won’t need to put it on your to-do list.

I print this weekly goals sheet out and fill it in before our Sunday Night Meeting every week. I use it to map our my week and I do my best to get each item finished by week’s end. And it has been SO helpful in keeping me on track and helping me meet my small, medium and large size goals!



It’s available free to you as a free .pdf download, as well as a Word document. Please note that if you download the word document, the formatting will change because of the specific font used. The font will not transfer if you haven’t installed it onto your computer. The font can be found here. (Download the file, save it to your desktop. Then right click on the folder on your desktop and click, Install. Then you can use it in Word and other programs.)

I hope you find this helpful!

Happy Goal Setting and Achieving!


  1. Jenn K says

    We are looking into the file downloads and will update them when we get them fixed. Thanks for letting us know! :)

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