2012 Goals – Personal & Parenting (Plus FREE Weekly Goals Sheet!)

It’s that time…time for setting some goals for the year. I don’t do resolutions…but I set goals for the year, then break them down into weekly goals to help me stay focused and moving in the direction of meeting these goals.

Because my “word” for the year is simplify, and because this will be a transition year for us…I’m keeping my personal and parenting goals simple. I’m hoping to build them into our daily schedule, and focus on just what it is in front of me and where we are in our schedule. i.e. Not pondering the latest internet technology when I’m supposed to be helping Ryan with his auditory processing, or cueing Tyler through the 2 syllable “phrase” we are working on that week.

Personal Goals

  • Read 1-2 books per month. Some simplicity book, some Bible study books, some fun and light reading books. Weekly goal: Read 3-4 chapters/week.
  • Run a half marathon. Weekly goal: Gym or outdoor run at least 3x/week.
  • GPS journal. Keep a daily Gratitude, Prayer and Scripture journal. It’s a simple way to keep my mind and thoughts where they should be as we transition this year.

Parenting Goals

  • Ryan – stay ahead of his SPD and impulsivity by encouraging “heavy work” activities from home. Daily therapeutic listening and work with 2 step directions and auditory processing skills.
  • Charlie – continued work on articulation for certain sounds.
  • Tyler – taking the time needed to cue him and being patient while he works out new sounds and words. Continued work on Early Intervention speech goals. (Having done this same speech therapy practice Ryan several years ago, it’s very easy for me to implement into our daily routine. It’s the patience part I need help with!)

Home & Kitchen Goals

  • MOVE TO TEXAS. Weekly goal: paint, tear out wallpaper, paint. Clean. Not rip my hair out trying to keep the house in good shape for potential buyers with 3 little boys running around.

(Catch that…yes, our family has decided to move back to my hometown of San Antonio. We will put our home in OH on the market in late February, and then move whenever it sells.)
(The blog won’t be going anywhere. I might mention the move here and there…but business as usual. That’s the beauty of blogging…it can be done from anywhere :)

  • Clear out the deep freezer. Weekly goal: Eat 2-3 meals from the ingredients in the freezer. Unstockpile. (This will be very difficult.)
  • Maintain a clean house on a daily basis…so I’m not running around like a nut when we get showing calls. Daily goal: load of a laundry/put away, load of dishes, sweep and vacuum, dust. Weekly goal: Deep clean 2-3 rooms in the house.

Business Goals

  • More on those tomorrow.

Ministry & Social Goals

  • Continued service in the church, and with small group. Weekly Goal: prepare for study, meetings and service when called upon.
  • Spend as much time as we can with our friends in Ohio. Make fun and lasting memories with our kids’ friends as well. This will be a spontaneous goal…as that’s how my friends and I tend to do best. Hey, let’s get together tonight!

See now why my word is simplify is so significant. There will be no way for me to keep up with all the transition going on in our lives, with my blogging work and keep the house clean. I just don’t have time for complicated.

Free Weekly Goals Sheet

If you are interested in putting your goals to work for you, I highly recommend getting them down on paper, reviewing them and working on them every week. After attending a Dave Ramsey Entreleadership seminar back in April, I developed this weekly goals sheet. It’s part goals, part to-do list. With sections on expected expenses for spending accountability, anticipated errands and Scripture memory/application.

This simple tool (there’s that word again!) has worked best for me…because it’s not too complicated. I don’t have to cross off how many glasses of water I’ve had that day, or if I did the laundry, or did the dishes, or read to the kids. I already do those things…every day. They are part of our daily routine. I don’t have the time or energy to worry about drinking enough this, or if I need to do the laundry. Do a load of dishes a day and a load of laundry a day (or every other depending on your family size)…you’ll never fall behind. And you won’t need to put it on your to-do list.

I print this weekly goals sheet out and fill it in before our Sunday Night Meeting every week. I use it to map our my week and I do my best to get each item finished by week’s end. And it has been SO helpful in keeping me on track and helping me meet my small, medium and large size goals!



It’s available free to you as a free .pdf download, as well as a Word document. Please note that if you download the word document, the formatting will change because of the specific font used. The font will not transfer if you haven’t installed it onto your computer. The font can be found here. (Download the file, save it to your desktop. Then right click on the folder on your desktop and click, Install. Then you can use it in Word and other programs.)

I hope you find this helpful!

Happy Goal Setting and Achieving!


  1. Carrie says

    Can you tell me a little about the therappeutic listening that you are doing? I have a child with SPD and have been intersted in this and if it really helps or not. I have learend a little about the how your engine runs program. Is that whay you are using?

    • says

      We do the Vital Sounds program, through Ryan’s OT. http://vitalsounds.com/

      It was recommended to us when he was 2 1/2 and we’ve been doing it (off and on, but mostly on) since then. He does so much better in general, behavior, processing, etc. when he is on it.

      I believe you can only do the “modified CDs” when they are purchased through your OT. They aren’t for sale to the general public.

      I also used the “unmodified” music with Tyler when he was a baby, having trouble with drinking and swallowing. Not how effective they were because we were trying a lot of new things at once to help him out.

      Check with your OT.


  2. Kayla H says

    Oh, I wish I were in San Antonio. My husband is from a little town south of there, and we visited in November. We spent an entire day in the La Cantera mall area. Loved it!

  3. says

    We are so going to miss you dearly when you move. I know how much moving back home means to you and your family. Just know that your friends here will miss you dearly. But I have a large enough house that you will always have a place to stay when you come visit.

  4. Jennifer says

    Good luck with everything this year and thanks for all you do. Good luck with the move. I have 4 little boys so I know how hard it can be keeping a house in good condition :)

  5. Katrina says

    Just this past April, we moved FROM Texas TO Ohio… so I totally know what all goes in to such a long distance move. Hope it all goes smoothly and your home sells quickly! Glad your blog won’t be going anywhere :)

  6. says

    I’ve got a lot of similar goals to you since we’ll be going through a move this year too (to Boulder, CO anytime between end of May and beginning of August). Love the free printable and taking daily steps to meet the goals. It’s so easy to make goals and do well in January, but forget about them by March or April. Having to be accountable for it daily will really help.

  7. Megan says

    I love that–weekly goals. That’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” things! lol I always do the general resolutions, like keep a cleaner house, and of course I never follow through. That should help tremendously!! :)

  8. Lori says

    Erin, I can’t wait to see how you save money on groceries when you’re back in San Antonio. Our biggest grocery store, HEB, doesn’t offer the same double coupon deals like Kroger.

    Good luck on the house sale!

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