2011 Goals – Professional and Financial

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Yesterday I shared my personal and parenting goals for 2011!  And today I give you some of  my professional goals, as well as our family’s financial goals for 2011.

I love how goals give you vision and purpose for the day in and day out of working…and how they help keep you accountable to the way you are using your time and money.

Professional Goals

Write another cookbook. Yes, you read that correctly. I have signed on for a 3rd cookbook…but I’m going to keep the details under wraps for now!

Dessert of the Month. I’ve never been much of a dessert maker, baker, whatever. I enjoy it, and I enjoy taste testing  it all, but I’d really like to try some new batter making and baking methods…so I’ll be posting at least 1 dessert every month and sharing the baking adventures along the way!

New Features. As you know, I’ll be adding some new features to the site…in hopes that they help you spend less and less!

Savvy Blogging Summit. I will be hosting the Savvy Blogging Summit again this summer with Andrea, Toni and Crystal. Our first Summit, this past July, was a smashing success…and I look forward to another amazing event, and to helping other bloggers be more successful in their blogging businesses.

Food Photography Seminar. I’ll be on the lookout for a food photography seminar…if anyone knows of any, please shoot me the details. I enjoy photographing food and have a long way to go in learning and getting to the level I’d like to be.

Financial Goals

Cash. Cash. Cash. In 2010, we transitioned some of our spending categories to cash envelopes, including the grocery budget.  And we are now ready to shift more of the “miscellaneous” items like children’s clothing, etc. over to the cash envelope system as well. I love using cash because it sets the limit for you…and you never go over budget…unless you make an extra trip to the ATM…but that won’t happen if your spouse is keeping you accountable. (See Sunday Night Meetings below.)

Fully fund our emergency fund. We are on our way to a fully funded, 6 month emergency fund. And as soon as we get there, we’ll move onto the next steps. (Any Dave Ramsey fans on this same path?!)  We should be there by the middle of the year, if not sooner!

Bump up our retirement savings from 3% to 15%. That one pretty much explains itself.

Set up a “direct deposit” savings plan for the boys’ education accounts.  We have this set up already…but we’d like to bump up the amount we are setting aside for the boys. Over Christmas, I had a conversation with my brother about this boys’ education funds…in which he asked me “How much do you want to have for them when they are ready for college?”  I had never looked at it that way! I’d only thought about how much we could be/should be setting aside now. I really appreciated th

Sunday Night Meetings. Last year I introduced you to something that Steve and I do every week…on Sunday nights. We set aside time to pray and talk about any parenting issues that have come up that week, take a close look at our finances and write down our anticipated expenses for the week, and to look at each others’ schedules for the week. We found that this time helps keep us accountable to each other, in our parenting and in our spending. I have no doubt that we would not have been able to pay off all of our consumer debt if we hadn’t been so focused and diligent with our finances.  We will continue to have these meetings, now focused on our savings and money management. Discipline and accountability are key!!

Less is more, spend less mentality. For the most part, I have adopted this mentality…but every now and again, I find myself slipping back into an attitude of materialism and want, want, want.  I don’t normally act on that attitude and I don’t go on spending sprees or anything like that…but I’d really like to kick that attitude to the curb every time it tries to creep back in. We are on a path to financial freedom, to having a life with less that’s filled with more, and to spending within our means while still meeting our lofty financial goals!


  1. says

    I’m so excited that you’re doing Savvy Blogging Summit again this year! I’m hoping to make it since Colorado Springs is only like 4 hours away from my home. Could you maybe e-mail me some more info on it? All I’ve seen so far is location information.

    It would be so fun to meet you!

  2. Karla says

    I saw an article in the new Women’s Day magazine that mentioned your site I love your site and want to applaud you for all the hard work you are putting in to it. I look forward to seeing more of your site in the future.

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