20 Meals from Costco & 20 Meals from Sam’s Club – February’s Pinterest Boards of the Month

If you could prepare 20 meals for your family for $150 would you do it? Guess what? I have done it many times and you can do it, too! For the month of February I am featuring several of my favorite Pinterest boards to give you the recipes and shopping list so you can do the same thing at Sam’s Club and Costco.

Costco Pinterest

Costco Meal Plans

Sams Pinterest Board

Over 54,000 people are following these three boards on Pinterest. This proves that there are a lot of people who need help with menu plans, saving money at the store and saving time at home preparing meals. How about you? Do you want to save time and money, too? Check out these three boards and follow them for all of my recipes, menu plans and money saving ideas.

Follow $5 Dinners {Erin Chase}’s board’s on Pinterest.

Happy Pinning and Recipe Hunting!

Plus, be sure to check out our 20 Meals for Costco (I & II) and Sam’s Club meal plans, ingredients lists, printables, full recipes and more:

Plus, the Costco printables are currently on sale!  Check ’em out!


    • Bethany says

      When my husband and I first moved into our first home, the budget was tight we had a new mortgage as well as a 2 year old and a baby on the way. Well I ended up spending about $70 a month on all of our food for the month but I didn’t find that the food was necessarily good and it did not last a long time. I bought a loaf of bread there on a Tuesday and it went bad with mold on Saturday and it was in the fridge. Also When I bought ground turkey there it had little bird bones in it. Never going to do that again.

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