12 in ’12 – Books on Time Management & Simplicity

Over the past few months, I’ve really embraced the concept of simplicity. And being the most productive as I can with my time…so that I can devote it equally to my husband, my children and the websites I write on and for…both my own and others. I have learned some valuable lessons from the books below…lessons that when put into practice, have allowed me to spend more time doing the things I love in a way that isn’t stressful, or with things “falling through the cracks.” These nuggets of wisdom have allowed me to successfully balance (juggle might be a better word!) all these things that are important to me. Enjoy!

Favorite Time Management Books

Favorite Books on Simplicity & Minimalism

I hope you find these books helpful, as you journey towards as simpler or more productive lifestyle!


  1. Sarah says

    Thanks Erin! My New Years Resolution this year was very similar to yours – simplicity. Trying to be more simple, less stressful, etc. I loved your list of books and I am interested in reading some of them; however, I am a full time working mother of two and I just can’t find the time to read. I love to read, but I am just too tired at night and I try to fit in errands during my lunch breaks at work or blog. How did you find time to read with three boys and all the traveling and working you do? Just need a little insight on how to balance better. Thanks!

  2. Jacob Paulsen says

    Great list. I read David Allen’s book in December and I thought it was wonderful. This year I’m part of the http://www.12booksin2012.com book group. Its the only book group where the authors of the books lead the discussion. Because their focus is on personal development I will suggest some from your list!

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