$10 CVS Gift Card for $5 – SaveMore.com

The drugstores are a fantastic place to score deals on food, and just about anything else. Right now you can get a $10 CVS gift card for only $5 from SaveMore.com! This offer is for first-time buyers only, and referral credit cannot be used.

Hurry…this one might sell out by the end of the night!



  1. Anonymous says

    I personally called all of these numbers tonight: at Electronicskins.net, waterbottle.bz, gadgetgear.tv, livethin.net, slapgear.net, reusablebags.tv, powerbands.tv, thevasestore.net, Smile Bright… ALL numbers have been disconnected.

    SaveMore is registered to Augur and Douglas Van Arsdale – the CEO and founder of Credit Solutions of America and Lending.com.

    Credit Solutions is facing pending lawsuits in multiple states and in the middle of a federal invesitgation. They have been banned from operating in more than one state.

    Lending.com had several federal tax liens placed against them this summer for non-payment of taxes. They are facing bankruptcy. SaveMore now occupies the same office space. Several SaveMore employees have confirmed over the phone that they are owned by Lending.com.

    Proof that SaveMore is affiliated:
    spendlesssavemore.com, which redirects to savemore.com is also registered to Lending.com (source: http://whois.domaintools.com/spendlesssavemore.com).

    Same Office Space:

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